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Minutes of the 2015 AGM

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Minutes of the Second Annual General Meeting held on the 30th of May 2015 at the Premier Inn Hotel meeting room, Premier Inn, The Phoenix Centre, Millennium Way West, Nottingham, NG8 6AS.

The meeting was opened at 13:00 with 15 members present.

Committee members present.

Mike Eastman, Matt Bearman, Chris Hayward, Patrice Moreau, Rob Bowater. Stuart Hawkins


Gunnar Olsen, John Boland, Ian Walton Dave Tanner, Peter Howell, Rene Peters, Matt Painter, Dave Gibbings

Minutes of the last meeting.

The minutes of the last meeting were passed by all members present. Proposed by Patrice Moreau and seconded by Rob Bowater.

Chairman’s Report;

Since Our first AGM last year we have all been busy in various ways behind the scenes both on the domestic and aviation front.

I think I can say without contradiction that most of the project leading team have had some challenging times on the personal front with health etc.I know I had to pull out from our first AGM sadly with the sudden passing of mum at the grand age of 97.

In the background although to members it might not seem that a lot has been going on the team have been very hard at work on their various parts of the project.

The CAD Team led by Gunnar has been very busy producing some excellent production drawings so that those of us dealing with the manufacture side of things are able to start turning plain sheets of metal into recognisable aircraft parts.

Other members of the team have been responsible for fund raising and also coordinating and controlling the effective use of the funds.

Our secretary Chris has been very busy indeed even though he has had family illness issues to contend with also.

The addition of Rob Bowater to the lead team has taken pressure off a couple of us in that Rob now controls the web site and sales/fund raising side of things.

Patrice has been working hard at research and background information gathering on the aircraft in various countries.

Sorry if I have missed out any specific contributions from team members.

Now we have a significant number of drawings compiled by Gunnar and his team with the assistance of Westland’s and

Dave Gibbings and management at Yeovil for which we are greatly thankful.

The project should start to make significant progress over the next couple of months and we anticipate by the time we get to W100 to have the majority of the rear fuselage in kit form and some of the sub-assemblies already riveted together. It may not be possible to actually have the rear fuselage all together as it will involve construction of a jig to enable the parts to be put together.

I have at the ARG workshops the steel and materials already to construct such a jig.

There will be some slight delay in the assembly process as ARG are currently in the process of preparing to move to new premises on an airfield taking our WW2 96 feet by 42 feet blister hanger recently dismantled from an old site in Doncaster with us. Once we have moved the jig will be assembled and bolted down for us to start major assembly work.

I see the year ahead leading up to the 2016 AGM to be a time of major construction of the aircraft with the rear fuselage being completed and put to one side and all being well Gunnar and the team will then be able to provide drawings on the tail end and fin/rudder and tail plane etc. All being well we should also have some information and drawings becoming available on the centre section and cockpit area.

Finally I would like to challenge all members and followers of the project. This is an aircraft and project of national importance and no such aircraft has existed since 1947.I am not aware of any other project to date that has been a complete reconstruction of not only the aircraft but the drawings to enable it to happen and all from 11 drawings and three wind tunnel models.

This is your aircraft please continue your support get behind us and help to make this project be a resounding success and an inspiration to others to do likewise with other missing aircraft from our history. Can you help by fund raising? Can you help by sponsorship or do you know of a company who would like to sponsor some part of the aircraft for free publicity even if it’s only for nuts and bolts or washers ??.

Please if you would like to become more involved you don’t have to be in the UK be like some of our major team leaders and work from where you live in the world. Just contact our secretary Chris or any one of the team or even contact me and I will find you a task you can do where ever you are or whatever your skills and abilities are.

Mike Eastman



Secretaries Report

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our four speakers for their kind attendance and presentations to our members.

  • Short update on project by Matt Bearman
  • Jim Munro on "Ghosts of the Whirlwind".
  • Dave Birch from the RR Heritage Museum on the Peregrine.
  • Mike Coghlan on his father Humphrey who flew with 137 Sqn
  • Roger Bailey from the Shuttleworth Trust.

This has been a busy year one way or the other, the monthly online meeting continue with the occasional breaks for holidays.

We are still chasing Charity Status, I have heard from HMC&R and due to their comments I have had to make a couple of changes to the our Constitution which we can discuss further later on in this meeting.

The team are getting ready to attend Westland’s anniversary in July and will be taking the fuselage with us to display.

The search for the Jersey wrecks continue and hopefully will see some progress this summer.

I have written to both Jules Hudson and Dan Snow in the hope that we may spark some interest.

The Newsletter is being received quite well as the feedback is positive, this months has gone out a little early due to this weekend.

Mike’s pictures from the workshop have also been well received.

As we are getting quite a few requests from flying scale modellers for information on the Whirlwind we have decided to make a small charge of £10.00 to go as a donation towards the build.

I would like to thank Airframe Assemblies for their help in making frame 10.

Chris Hayward.

Secretary WFP

Treasurer's Report

Balance as of 26/05/15: £2,958.99

(Balance as of 28/05/14: £3,783.67)


June 12th 2014 Purchase of Baseball Caps for Shop £116.28

July 8th 2014 Purchase of Magneto Switches £130.45

August 14th 2014 Matt Bearman Expenses Materials £100.00

October 23rd 2014 English Heritage Photo Archive £56.40

November 4th 2014 Purchase of Wireless Aerial Mast £80.00

December 17th 2014 Rob Bowater Expenses, Shop £47.12

December 23rd 2014 Patrice Moreau Expenses, Postage £22.66

March 13th 2015 Purchase of Tail wheel Fork £113.44

April 17th 2015 Website Hosting Charge £69.76

April 21st 2015 Insurance Premium, W100 £51.00

May 5th 2015 Build Expenses, Frame 10, JM £1,000.00

May 10th 2015 Matt Bearman Expenses, Printing, Courier £200.00

Total 12 Month Outgoings: £1,987.11


May 29th 2014 Shop Takings £185.00

June 2nd 2014 Book Sales (RB) £100.00

June 3rd 2014 Sale of Prints £26.43 June 9th 2014 John Harris £50.00

July 28th 2014 John Harris £50.00

September 1st 2014 John Harris £40.00

September 22nd 2014 Shop Takings, Transfer from PayPal £201.00

September 26th 2014 John Harris £40.00

October 23rd 2014 Shop Takings, Transfer from PayPal £120.00

November 5th 2014 John Harris £50.00

December 4th 2014 John Harris £50.00

January 14th 2015 Shop Takings, Transfer from PayPal £100.00

January 21st 2015 John Harris £50.00

March 13th 2015 John Harris £50.00

April 7th 2015 John Harris £50.00

Total 12 Month Income: £1,162.43

Treasurer's comment:

Still a healthy balance, sufficient for materials for another build phase.

Matt Bearman.

Westland Anniversary

With the up and coming event getting closer it was decided that we ought to produce a build portfolio so that we can show prospective sponsors what our aims and ambitions are this is to contain our objective and photographs of the project.

Changes to Constituion;

Due to our first application for Charity Status returned to us from HMR&C as unacceptable in its present form changes had to be made to meet their criteria. The changes are as follows.

Constitution changes for the AGM

Objective insert

The objective is to increase and advance the intellect and education of the general public in aspects of the great aircraft industry in the United Kingdom. This subject is capable of being of educational merit and value to everybody,

Both in the subject itself and the process.

Dissolution (1)

The Group may be dissolved if deemed necessary by the members in a majority vote at a special meeting. Any assets or remaining funds after debts have been paid shall be transferred to similar charitable groups at the discretion of the Management Committee.

The above changes were read out and then voted on, the members present passed the amendments. The Constitution to be altered accordingly.

Formal Project plan.

There is no plan as such the build will continue a stage at a time as funds are available there is no critical path or time scale to follow.

Any other business

I would like to take this opportunity to thank John Harris for his continuing support for this project. It was suggested that he be approached to see if he would consider becoming an Honorary Patron of the Project.

Can we again approach Tom Eeles and ask if he would consider being our press/PR officer.

Why not build a flying Whirlwind.

This is due to liability should anything go wrong, it was only under this criteria that Westland agreed to help this project.

Will all control surfaces be moveable

Yes they will and this will include the inboard slats as the outboard ones were sealed shut on the original airframe.

Have all scrapyards been looked at for remains.

Yes they have, the only surviving parts are from crash sites.

Mystery still covers the missing engines from AGOI the Whirlwind that was retained by Westland and scrapped in 1947.

The Jersey Island Wreck sites are in 23 to 25 meters of water and the project has purchased a small underwater remote camera for the purpose of locating and surveying the airframes.

Westland are proposing to do a geo study of the area on the airfield where AGOI is supposed to be buried.

It was suggested that the Project contact NASAC which is a sub aqua club based at the University of Southampton.

The project will continue to upload information and pictures to the web site.

Can we produce a certificate to award those who donate money or items to the project?

The project would like to be able to allot ancillary parts to members who have 3D printers.

Can the secretary write a letter of condolence for Steve Haig who was chairman of the BAPC who sadly passed away recently.

The meeting closed at 14:15hrs

The location of the next AGM will be released when the location has been firmed up.

June newsletter

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Hi All


Newsletter is now online a little slimmer than usual but plenty of pictures.





Minutes of 2014 AGM

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Minutes of the first Annual General Meeting held on the 24th of May 2014 at the Premier Inn Hotel meeting room Premier Inn, 1 Alvington Lane, Yeovil, Somerset, Ba22 8UX.

The meeting was opened at Eleven Thirty with 15 members present.


Mike Eastman.

Jim Munro.

Gunnar Olsen.

Chairman’s Report;

As the Chairman was indisposed his place was taken by Patrice Moreau who was nominated as Vice Chairman.

Treasurer’s report;

This report is at the end of the minutes.


The Constitution was read and considered by the members, a couple of minor changes were suggested.

1) The committee/ Trustees will make sure that the Aircraft will always be on show for the public to see.

2) That a President should be chosen. Would Tom Eeles be agreeable?

Name of Aircraft.

It was proposed that the name of the Whirlwind should be the PRIDE OF YEOVIL, P7056.

Squadron codes will be decided at a later date. This was proposed by Hugh Wheeler and seconded by Ian Macrae.

Any Other Business

It was suggested that from the very start the Whirlwind could be fitted with electric motors to copy a spinning propeller.

Will it have moveable control surfaces?

Who will be the benefactor of the finished airframe, will it be Westland,Hawkinge,Farnboro or Cosford?

Have all crash sites been noted? This was confirmed by member Ian Macrae although not all can be visited. The two Whirlwinds on Dartmoor are yet to be located and may turn up two or four Peregrine engines it was suggested that the Secretary contact the local walking fraternity to see if they can offer any help. It was also suggested that we contact the Gloucester Aircraft Museum, Doug Garland offered to do this on our behalf.

It was put forward that we also contact amateur diving clubs based on Jersey to see if they can dive on the wrecks that are not War graves. Also local history groups on the Island should be approached for information.

The Appointment of Officers;

The officers of the committee were duly chosen for the first three years and proposed by Dave Gibbings and seconded by Hugh Wheeler.

The meeting was closed at Twelve Fifty four.

Date and time of next AGM to be advised to members as soon as it is decided.

The Whirlwind Fighter Project is a member of the BAPC.



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If you are still in 2 minds about attending the AGM here is something that may change your mind apart from our four speakers some of the construction will be available for viewing for the first time.....tempted?


P7056 Building has started.

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Building has now commenced


At long last after four years the team can announce that the building of P7056 "Pride of Yeovil" has begun. The first time in over 70 years that a part for a Westland Whirlwind Fighter has been fabricated. A lot of thanks must go to the research team who dug out all the photographs and data, AgustaWestland for letting us have what plans survived and their faith in this project, Gunnar Olsen for the many hours that he spent recreating the plans from scratch and then redoing them if they were one iota out and also to Matt Bearman and Mike Eastman who put this idea together from a simple email.

Mike who is our Chairman and who also runs the Aircraft Restoration Group at his workshop near Ripon has now, with his dedicated volunteer team, cut out 3 of the frames plus the doublers and wireless tray bearers which form part of the rear fuselage structure.

Also underway is construction of the unusual and challenging angled 'Frame 10' fuselage join - with thanks to Steve Vizard and the team at Airframe Assemblies for their technical help.


The newsletter for May is now online..http://whirlwindfighter.blogspot.co.uk/



AGM 30th of May

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Speakers for the AGM.

Jim Munro... "Ghosts of the Whirlwind"

Dave Birch... The RR Peregrine engine

Mike Coghlan .....Humphrey Coghlan DFC

Roger bailey...Shuttleworth Trust.

Many thanks


April Newsletter

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Hi All.


April Newsletter is now up and viewable.







March Newsletter

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Hi All.


The March newsletter is now online at..




happy reading.

Febuary newsletter on line now

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The newsletter for February is now online at


Warning some of the text has a mind of its own today..lol

AGM 2nd Venue Change

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Hi All.

Firstly my apologies for having to make changes to the venue for the AGM, partly my fault and partly Premier Inns, I have now managed to sort it all out.

The new venue is as follows

Premier Inns

Nottingham west

The Phoenix Centre

Millennium Way



Date and time remain the same