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Whirlwind Fighter Project

- Recreating a majestic fighter of WW2

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Welcome to Whirlwind fans - this is the place to discuss all things Whirlwind related!TopicsPostsLast updated

General Discussion

9 days ago
by BWalton

Whiteboard - We Need YOU!

Avenues of research and jobs needed doing all go in here. Volunteers are required to take on these tasks!
over a year ago
by Spitty

Christmas draw

It seems some members have not received the blast with the winning draw details.We have raised £450 for the project including a generous £50 donation from one member.

First prize;378

Second prize; 445

Third prize; 430

Fourth Prize; 398
over a year ago
by Mike Eastman

delays in Raffle prizes and shop items

I do apologise on the delay getting the raffle stuff out and also a couple of shop items.A number of problems including some toe rag stealing my vehicle and mobile with all my data on and some compute rissues now some of them sorted by Gunnar and some by