Whirlwind Fighter Project

- Recreating a majestic fighter of WW2

Sponsors and Thanks:


We would like to acknowledge the support of the following organisations:



Aircraft Restoration Group

Airframe Assemblies Ltd

Warbird Colours

AgustaWestland Helicopters



The following individuals have provided invaluable help in getting the project up and running:


Mike Eastman - Chairman

Stuart Hawkins - Research & Design

Matt Bearman- Treasurer & R & D

Colin Smithson - Research & Design

Chris Hayward - Secretary

Patrice Moreau - Research & Design

Ian Macrae - Archaeological Research

Dave Gibbings - Archive and Liaison

Geoff Russell - Liaison

Doug Lloyd - Project Logo

Gunnar Olsen - CAD

Matt Painter - CAD

René Peters - CAD






Thank you to all!

Offers of sponsorship and help for this voluntary project are always welcomed. Please contact the site administrator via the contact page.

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